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71 Sad But True Quotes About Life

upset woman

Saddest Quotes about Life Sorrow is a part of life; everything cannot be a bowl of peaches all the time. Loss, disappointment, death, and betrayal are just some of the things that can steal our joy. Sadness is an emotion Read more…


inspirational leaders

Leaders change the world, and their words change humanity. Whether they lead the way in politics, sports, culture or religion, great individuals leave their imprint in history by making the world a better place. Their words are a window towards Read more…


friendship quotes

Sometimes, words are not enough to describe what real friendships are all about. Technical definitions abound, but few can accurately pinpoint the whirlwind of complex—yet happy!—emotions that overflow us when we stand next to a true friend. And while The Read more…

75 Quotes About Love We Can All Relate To

love quotes happy couple - they love

List of poignant Quotes about Love Finding the words to describe the love you feel for your future husband or wife does not always come easily. However, the following quotes, by world-renowned authors, poets and philosophers, prove the most earnest Read more…

76 Positive Quotes and Words of Wisdom

Positive Words That Inspire and Encourage. Everyone needs some encouraging and inspirational words sometimes. Whether you need a word to give you a lift or if you need a deep and motivational word to help change your entire life, the Read more…

94 Funny Quotes That Will Make You LOL

funny quotes lol

A List of Humorous Quotes about Life Sometimes we have to see the funny side of life so as to keep going. With many humorous sayings in the world, we have collected some funny quotes about life from a wide Read more…

68 Heartbreak Quotes That Feel Your Pain

breakup couple

A broken heart is hands down the absolute worst feeling in the world. Physically you are fine but emotionally, you are a wreck and do not know how you will cope with the rest of your life. If you are Read more…

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